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Legal Guidance When Your Loved One Needs A Guardian

It can be difficult to know how to move forward when a family member needs the support of a legal guardian. Your family member may have objections to yielding control to a guardian, or you may have other members of the family who disagree about moving forward with guardianship. These issues can create tension between family members and make a necessary process stressful.

Attorney Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard, founder of Lillesand Law, LLC, understands the complexities that come with elder law and creating a path for supporting your aging loved one. Ashley can give you the guidance and legal support you need to establish guardianship for your family member.

Creating A Guardianship For Your Loved One

Depending on your loved one’s needs, there may be several elements to a thorough guardianship plan. A guardianship plan should use the least restrictive means to support your family member so that they can continue to have as much independence and autonomy as possible.

Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard spent many years as a corporate guardian and can support you can your loved one as you determine your guardianship needs.

When you have a guardianship plan as part of a comprehensive estate plan, you can support you loved one as their needs change. Ashley can help you understand the process of creating a guardianship plan and what options are available for you and your loved one.

Guidance For Guardians

Often, creating the guardianship plan is the simpler part of the process. Once the plan is in place and you are appointed as your loved one’s guardian, the responsibilities can become overwhelming.

Ashley can guide you through the process of becoming a guardian for your family member so that you understand the responsibilities that come with your new role. She understands the time and pressure of being a guardian and she can help you learn what you need to do as a guardian.

Get Started On A Plan For Supporting Your Loved One

There are several steps for creating a guardianship plan for your family member. Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard can provide the legal support you need to learn more about a plan that will work for you and your family. You can get started with a free consultation at Lillesand Law, LLC, by filling out a contact form or calling her Waukesha County office at 414-488-6511.