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Compassion And Support During Probate

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the last task you want to try to tackle is the unfamiliarity that comes with probate in Wisconsin. In addition to being new to the process, you may have a significant role in supporting your friends and family through the challenges that come with losing a loved one.

Attorney Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard, founder of Lillesand Law, LLC, understands the challenges that can come with probate. Whether your loved one with a comprehensive estate plan to guide you or they did not have a will, Ashley can provide the legal support you need to help you through probate.

Who Needs To Go Through Probate In Wisconsin?

Typically, after a loved one passes away, their assets are transferred through a court-supervised process called probate. In addition to beneficiaries, your loved one’s estate may also need to pay taxes or debts. The probate process ensures that the assets within the estate go to the appropriate people and entities.

In most cases, estates must go through probate, or a similar type of estate administration, depending on the value of the estate and the types of assets. However, there are some estates and assets that are exceptions to the probate process, including:

  • Estates valued under $50,000
  • Property with a joint ownership title
  • Life insurance and retirement funds if the named beneficiary is not the estate

These assets go through a process called, “Transfer By Affidavit.” While it is not the same as the probate process, it can be helpful to have legal guidance from a skilled professional so that you know the steps you need to follow to transfer the assets correctly.

In Wisconsin, most estates need to go through some type of estate administration, such as formal or informal administration. During formal administration, a judge oversees the process and requires that the personal representative have assistance from an attorney. While a lawyer is not required for informal administration, it can be beneficial to have skilled guidance throughout the process.

Do I Need Support During Probate?

There is more to estate administration than following the direction in your loved one’s will and other estate planning documents. Probate can often be a long process, often taking 12-18 months to complete. Additionally, there may be other members of the family who need the care of a guardian after your loved one passes away. When you work with a skilled representative, you can have peace of mind, knowing what steps are coming up and that you are meeting the deadlines that come with taking an estate through probate.

Ashley understands the challenges that can come with probate, and she can give you the guidance you need to keep the process on track. While probate can seem cumbersome, Ashley can bring transparency to a complex process.

Get Estate Administration Help Now

Probate and estate administration can be challenging. Attorney Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard can bring calm and clarity to the probate process. For a free consultation, fill out an online contact form or call 414-488-6511 to make an appointment.