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Taking The Stress Out Of Estate Planning

There are many times when you may consider getting started on your estate plan. Whether you are getting older or have welcomed a new member to your family, an estate is an important part of preparing yourself and your assets for the next generation.

Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard, the founder of Lillesand Law, LLC, understands the pressure and other challenges that come with estate planning. While you want to pass on your legacy, you may not always know what choices are available. Ashley will listen to your goals and help you understand what options are available that will support what you want for your beneficiaries.

Lillesand Law, LLC, Provides Simple Support For Estate Planning

Estate planning can seem like an overwhelming task. As you consider your beneficiaries and assets, it can be overwhelming to think about what you should do with your assets and how to move forward. Attorney Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard aims to simplify the process so that you have a clear understanding of your estate plan and how it works.

In addition to being a trustworthy advocate, Ashley will work with you on what kind of legacy you want to leave for your loved ones. She can talk you through estate planning topics, such as:

  • Guardianship – Depending on your needs, providing for the care of a loved one could be a critical part of creating a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Wills and trusts – The details about how you want to pass your property and other assets on to your loved ones.
  • Probate and estate administration – It is important to choose a loved one who will support your wishes through the probate process.

Whether you have significant assets you want to pass on to your friends and family, or you are starting to think about caring for your minor children into the future, Ashley can answer your questions about creating a comprehensive estate plan.

Get Legal Guidance For Your Estate Plan

Developing a comprehensive estate plan that supports your needs and goals comes with planning and cooperation. It is essential to talk to a skilled lawyer to get help creating your estate plan. To make an appointment for a free consultation in Waukesha County contact Ashley Lillesand-Leonhard online or call 414-488-6511.